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Photosynthesis Biology Biochemistry


This is a simulation of the Photosynthesis process.

You may pause and discuss the process step by step.


You may use it to:

  • Identify the steps in the process
  • Take notes of charge transfers and molecular synthesis
  • Prepare a presentation for the class

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Terms you need to know:

Click on the photon to start the photosynthesis. -
Click on the water molecule to donate electrons to the P680. -
Click on another 680 nm photon. It takes 2 photons (2 e-) to reduce PQ to PQH2. -
Click on the manganese complex to donate an electron to the P680 again. -
Click on the 700 nm photon to continue the process. -
Click on the ferrodoxin to continue. -
Click on another 700 nm photon. It takes 2 photons (2 e-) to reduce NADP+ to NADPH. -
Click on the Plastocyanin to donate an electron to the P700 again. -
Click on the ferrodoxin again to continue the reduction to NADPH. -
Click on the ATP synthase. -
Reset -

Additional information:

type: interactive animation
format: flash
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modify: no?
Further permissions:
Age group(2): 17-21


(1) For personal, non-commercial use. To read the complete "Terms of use" of this learning object, please follow the link given in "Further permissions".

(2) Suggested age group. The learning object may be used by the Teachers with students of any age.